Environmental Test Handbook
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Design, Test, and Evaluation and Product Reliability Divisions
This Handbook includes Recommended Practices:
  • DTE009: Vibration Shaker System Selection
  • DTE011: Mechanical Shock and Vibration Accelerometer Selection
  • DTE012: Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • DTE019: Vibration Controller Section
  • DTE022: Multi-shaker Test and Control
  • DTE026: Using Mil-STD-810(F), 519 Gunfire
  • DTE032: Pyroshock Testing Techniques
  • DTE040: High-Intensity Acoustics Testing
  • DTE046: Terms Commonly Used in the Digital Analysis of Dynamic Data
  • PR001: Management and Technical Guidelines for the ESS Process
  • PR003: HALT and HASS.